Pinched Matte Mineral Blush | Deep Red Pink

Pinched Matte Mineral Blush | Deep Red Pink

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Remember how Grandma pinched your cute little cheeks, and they turned rosy red.  Well honey, this gorgeous color does the same thing! Pinched mineral blush is talc free and offers rich color with a matte finish. Also makes an edgy eyeshadow.  Very little is needed as this color is rich in pigment...a little goes a long way!!

Lightweight, oil-free powder blush refreshes your complexion with a soft veil of color.  Sweep onto cheekbones to create radiance and glow for a naturally healthy look.  Net Wt 2.8g sifter jar last 6+ months

Ingredients:  Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sericite, Mica 

Note: Colors may appear different onscreen, depending on your monitor. **Sample contains 1/8 tsp enough for 2+ applications.




No Animal Testing


Because natural matters


Made in US without harmful ingredients


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